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Where do you start when you are a 1 person band for Email, CRM, Accounting and Website?

I have seen a lot of comparisons for GSuite (Google), Microsoft 365, Zoho and Accounting Software (Sage One, FNB, Xero etc).
These are all great systems (except FNB, they need some work with their Business Accounting app) and I am sure you feel or felt like me, which one to choose, it can be overwhelming and frustrating.

They all have unique benefits.

But one thing will make all the difference, what can I get for a budget of $7 a month.
Without a budget no priorities appear, but with a budget priorities can be listed.

The first question is, do you require Microsoft Office? if yes then go straight for Business Office 365 for R195/month (billed monthly), it includes all Office apps, 50Gig Email, 1T storage.

However if you don’t then we can continue.

Main priorities:

This is my recommendation:

Priority Name Solution Cost Budget Remaining $7
Accounting Wave Accounting Free $7
Email Zoho $3 $4
CRM Zoho (3 users Free) Included $4
Website Hosting Siteground or A2hosting $4 $0

So we have done well, all of this for $7, not bad.

I like Siteground and A2Hosting as they focus on WordPress performance and it is a great price for what you get.

You can save even more money if you choose to use your hosted server for your emails.
Why I like Zoho is that is caters for everything you will require for now. It even has an app for WordPress that if a visitor to your site fills in your ‘Contact Us’ form it will automatically generate a lead in your Zoho CRM.

Now you might be asking ‘Ok cool but what about when I expand?’, I will answer, get there first! For now you have the tools to be present on the web, respond to and manage clients and look after your finances.

Go get them Tiger.