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Software Integration and Automation

Does my business require software integration?

What’s Software Integration?

Software integration enables companies of all sizes to have a single interface to view data that is stored in multiple data silos or perform automated actions based on triggers in multiple applications that would normally be done with human intervention.

What does software integration mean?

Software integration uses links between different databases to manage and merge data in the different data silos which will enable uses to have a single view or have automated processes so that they can act quicker with higher productivity.

Why software integration is important?

Software integration is fundamental in companies as most companies are using multiple platforms that are brilliant at specializing certain functions within the company. To make the best decisions users need information from multiple systems, to have the best automation of tasks there needs to be communication between the systems as one relies on the other.

How Software integration works?

Software integration works by linking the different systems together through understanding the roles, rules and relationships. Once the map is understood one system can trigger an action or a set of actions in another system. A single view application can view all the data so that the decision makers can make the best choice for the company at any given point in time.

Software Integration Example

We have an HR company who has a dedicated person to pull data from payroll, they then correlate that data to map it to the required format. Once correlated and mapped, they submit the report to the pension providers.

By using Seamless Link integration they now have an automated report that is correct every time. The staff member now has more time to focus on other areas in the business where they can add value.

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Benefits of Software Integration

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