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Looking for a website, something Simple?

If you are looking for a simple beautiful website and don't know where to start, these guys will help. It can all get confusing and if you are not in the know how of things like hosting, domains etc, then they will advise you on what you require. They will guide you...

Starting as a 1 person band? What solutions to choose for $7 per month.

Where do you start when you are a 1 person band for Email, CRM, Accounting and Website? I have seen a lot of comparisons for GSuite (Google), Microsoft 365, Zoho and Accounting Software (Sage One, FNB, Xero etc). These are all great systems (except FNB, they need some...

IT Agnostic Solutions Specialists

So where are we in today's world? There are solutions everywhere you look that can pretty much do anything you want. You want a chat bot that can learn how and what your customers are asking then to respond with the correct answer and in the right tone, no problem....

Expand your market to thin file customers

One of the great systems we have been implementing is a UK based solution for financial institutions, credit bureus to betting companies. Times are changing and with time customers are moving away from traditional systems and their files are becoming thinner....

Digital Strategy – The “Silver Bullet”

We all want a "Silver Bullet" whether in our personal life or our business life. The issue with a "Silver Bullet" is that not many companies can produce it and even if they could by the time it is finished the landscape has already changed. It is the responsibilty for...

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