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We all want a “Silver Bullet” whether in our personal life or our business life.
The issue with a “Silver Bullet” is that not many companies can produce it and even if they could by the time it is finished the landscape has already changed. It is the responsibilty for all businesses to advise their clients correctly and not just go after the money.

A digital presence is a whole basket of goodies and each one requiring maintenance and effort.
These would include websites, social media platforms, marketing and content generation to name a few.
A good, practical and logical business strategy is required.

Normal Case: a company approaches a digital agency to create a digital strategy and presence, they say “no problem, it only requires you to pay us a monthly retainer of hundreds and thousands of rands”.
They implement the solutions but without knowing what the business objectives are for the next couple of years, current business pain points,  where the business wants to go, where the business is currently, mindset of everyone in the business and if the business can handle the new pain points that a digital presence brings.
Outcome = pretty lousy, but “hey it was a good company that was hired, so we can’t be blamed”.

Unfortunately no one in a corporate has been fired for hiring a big software company or agency, that is why those companies still operate, even though there are better performers out there.

We will be the first ones to say to a potential client “You don’t need that right now, let’s start here”, success comes from a good partnership and not a good invoice.

Our recommendation will always be, build a good foundation where growth can thrive, try not to play Jenga with your business whether you are big or small.