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So where are we in today’s world?

There are solutions everywhere you look that can pretty much do anything you want. You want a chat bot that can learn how and what your customers are asking then to respond with the correct answer and in the right tone, no problem.
You want a mobile app, web app, social media management, customer profiling….. and the list goes on.

There is very little reason nowadays to try to create platforms from scratch, big companies out there are spending billions of dollars per year creating solutions and I for one certainly don’t have their budgets and resources.

But there is an issue, most people I talk to are overwhelmed with the abundance of solutions that they have no clue where to start, what will work for them and with their existing systems.

So what eventually happens?
They either call a big boy in and they will replace everything with their solution, it will be license based, opex and capex amounts, plus you will be stuck with them for the next 5-10 years until that system is redundant and then the cycle will start again.

There is a need now, more than ever, for people to be solutions agnostic specialists. They are the ones who are continuously looking at what is out there, how to benefit from Google’s, FaceBook’s, Microsoft’s latest and greatest plugins, platform, apps and AI tech. How to create an integration layer that you won’t need to rip systems out, have multiple logins, siloed company and customer data.

It all comes down to someone who has your back that will look at the market to align solutions to your business objectives and find a holistic, logical and practical way to implement, which I am calling  Agnostic Solutions Specialists.